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Beki Marquardt LLC Site is a medium for enabling communications between Clients and the placement of work by Beki Marquardt LLC. We are a small business in which Services include easy locating on where to buy artist Beki Marquardt's work, Freelance Design Services, Licensing, Wholesaling, Education and a blogging community.


We welcome you and invite you to access and use Beki Marquardt LLC. With the use of this website, You agree to this user agreement “Agreement”, "Terms" and/or “Terms and Conditions” of Beki Marquardt LLC “Beki Marquardt” "" "Our", "I", "we" and “us” defines this site. “Client”(s), “User”, "Visitor" , “you” and “your” defines you, the user, or site visitor. "Surface Pattern Designer", “Interior Designer”, "Designer"," Freelancer", "Contractor" and/or “Artist” refers to designers of Beki Marquardt LLC. “Terms” coincides with these Terms and Conditions. “Site” and/or "website" refers to the content in relation to the Beki Marquardt LLC Website, “Service” relates to the Service of Beki Marquardt LLC and “App” is in reference to the mobile application. If you do not agree and/or comply with these Terms contained in the Agreement, please stop immediate use of the Site, Service and/or App. BY ACCESSING OR USING THE SITE, SERVICE, AND/OR APP, YOU AGREE THAT YOU HAVE READ, UNDERSTOOD, AND AGREE TO THE GOVERNING OF THESE TERMS.

With your continued accessing of the Site, Service and/or App you agree to have read and accepted the following Terms and agree to comply with and be bind by all applicable laws and regulations. These terms may be revised without any notice. You take full responsibility in reviewing these Terms periodically. If you have any questions with these Terms, please contact us through the site email at If at any time, you have a discrepancy and/or do not agree with these Terms, do not affiliate and/or use this Site, Service, Shop and/or App.


If you have any disputes, they are to be settled on an individual basis, and class action claims are prohibited. With accepting these terms, You agree to this provision.

You hereby agree that with the use of this Site, Service, Shop and/or App that You are at least 18 years of age. If you voluntarily go into contract with Beki Marquardt LLC, you are agreeing that you can legally go into contract. 



Please note, Beki Marquardt LLC has artwork licensed and shops out side of this site. This site offers a platform to accessibly find the locations of where to purchase Beki Marquardt LLC artwork on various products offered by other companies and/or offer a platform for Beki Marquardt LLC to sell her originals, prints, digital downloads, etc. These sites include but not limited to; Etsy, Square, Society6, Zazzle and Spoonflower. In addition, Beki Marquardt LLC may also have licensing contracts and other agreements with businesses that may offer online shops and a link to find Beki Marquardt LLC work associated with those agreements may be provided. These sites are directly used to showcase the works of Beki Marquardt LLC and offer a shoppable location. Kindly note, any linked sites outside of will have their own use of terms and privacy policy. Your privacy is important and we will always do our best to protect it. Please see our Privacy Policy here


Beki Marquardt LLC Site is a medium for enabling communications between Clients and Artists/Designer(s)/Services for Clients. Art/Design Services are based on the client's voluntary decision of service. An individual contract will be rendered per client based on the clients type of service, if contract is needed. 


We take pride in timeliness and accuracy in the Services requested, if there is a conflict please contact our email at Beki Marquardt LLC does not hold any legal accountability based on the accuracy, and timeliness of the Services requested and provided by Designer(s)/Artist(s) and Clients through the Site, Service and/or App. Contracts and/or Invoices are distributed on an individual basis between Designer and Client for the exchange of money. If you add your email to our subscriber button, you are agreeing to receive newsletters, communications and emails from our site. For precision in our service you shall provide current, up to date and accurate details, including payment information that has to with third party payment processing.

You are in an agreement to comply with and be bind by all applicable laws and regulations. You understand and agree to hold Beki Marquardt LLC and it’s associated Artist(s)/ Designer(s) not liable to any harm, loss, injury, claim, and/or damages and release any and all affiliations from and against any claims, expense, loss, injury and/or demand of liability, including attorney fees and cost that may accrue based on the violations of these Terms.


You hereby agree, Beki Marquardt LLC and its associates to take photography during your requested Service and allow any obtained photographs to be used at there discretion for business purposes only, unless noted in writing. We respect your requests and will happily take them into consideration. 


At Beki Marquardt LLC we take pride in confidentiality. We will not transfer your personal information, that is not generally known to the public, without your consent to any third parties. Your confidential information is not used for any other purpose than to enhance your personal Service. Please See Privacy Policy for more details. The use of photography for finished Client products, does not qualify under confidential information, unless otherwise noted by the Client. 


You understand and agree that all rights and ownership belong to the creator, Beki Marquardt LLC (Except those licensed from others.) By purchasing work(s) from Beki Marquardt LLC, unless otherwise noted, you are granted the right under the creative rights to Display Work for personal use only, unless under contract with written consent by Beki Marquardt LLC. You may not reproduce work, resell, redistribute, nor make adaptations to any work for commercial and/or personal use unless otherwise noted by Beki Marquardt LLC. Beki Marquardt LLC has the exclusive right to control reproduction and commercial exploitation of all forms of work, unless there is a licensing agreement between Beki Marquardt LLC and parties (noted by both parties). With the exceptions of Titles, Slogans, Names, Measurement Charts, Dates, Symbols and Variations of lettering and/or coloring. ​If you are looking to use a piece of art digitally, for commercial and/or personal purposes, please contact at for possible limited Creative Commons Licenses. All Creative Commons Licenses must be proofed and signed by Beki Marquardt LLC. Freelance/Contract proposals under Us Copyright Law the Client is/are granted permission to only print the form of work, unless other wise noted by Beki Marquardt LLC. 


For your safety. any payment for the online service through our platform will be through PayPal, Square, EventBrite. EventBrite is directly used for educational painting events happening locally. Square is directly used for the sale of prints and like merchandise by Beki Marquardt LLC. For Freelance Service, upon contract you will receive an invoice through PayPal or Square for ability to pay and conduct service(s). 


The service may be accessed from countries, outside of the United States. Please note that Beki Marquardt LLC is located within the United States, and we encourage the use of our site in other countries. You, the Client, are responsible for complying with your local laws and regulations. Please, see our Privacy Policy. In addition, You understand that not all languages may be linked or available to your devices. We will do our best to accommodate. Please contact our Service email if difficulties arise at


If the Client violates their contract in anyway, we have the right to terminate Service, without a refund to the Client. If you wish to cancel Services on a personal matter, any unpaid fees or expenses based on the Service must be paid by the Client upon canceling, refund eligibility will be determined by Beki Marquardt LLC, solely.


You understand and agree that by using Beki Marquardt LLC, you may encounter data, information, materials and any other additional content from our platform and third parties based on cookies and data, your personal computer and/or from advertising on the site. You, hereby grant to the collection and use of technical data and/or related material, that may be taken from the site to enhance Beki Marquardt LLC Service experience.. In addition, a cookie banner will allow you to accept or decline cookie data options upon arrival on This has nothing to do with your confidential information being extracted from Beki Marquardt LLC Service. Confidential Information (i.e. email address, name, phone number) is provided to us by the Users through their access to and/or use of the Service(s). We take your confidential information seriously, please see our Privacy Policy for the use of confidential information and how to opt in and/or out, delete, access, amend and/or update personal information. Along with recommendation process of deleting cookies and data you may encounter by using this site.


At Beki Marquardt LLC, we take pride in confidentiality. Your confidential information is not used for any other purpose than to enhance your personal Service. In addition, the Client shall not share any confidential information that was given by Beki Marquardt LLC to the Client with any other third parties. Confidential information shall include: Client phone number, finances, technical data, research, design boards, designs, art, schematics, information disclosed directly or indirectly that may or may not be in writing, drawing, orally and observation.

If providing your phone number to Beki Marquardt LLC, you are agreeing to the consent of use in calls and texts by the Designer(s)/ Artist(s) to increase performance in Service. With this, you agree to any and all charges for calls or texts from your wireless/internet/phone service provider.


You may not copy, modify, or take ownership of Beki Marquardt LLC, Service Content, Shop and/or Media without written consent by Beki Marquardt LLC. Service Content includes but is not limited to; technical data, research, design boards, designs, schematics, logos, art, watermarks, and/or trademarks.


You hereby agree to hold Beki Marquardt LLC and its Designer(s)/ Artist(s) not liable to any harm, loss, injury, claim, and/or damages and release any and all affiliations from and against any claims, expense, loss, injury and/or demand of liability, including attorney fees and cost that may accrue, based on the violations of these Terms OR any infringement by the Client/third party/right of any person or entity OR misuse or inability to use the Site, Service, and/or App. In the subject matter of a claim, a written consent by Beki Marquardt LLC must be implemented for any settlement.


These Terms and Conditions shall be governed and interpreted to follow the laws with in the State of Wisconsin, including any confliction of law rule, and the United States of America.


We encourages Users to send feedback, along with any media that is in relations to Beki Marquardt LLC. We appreciate all feedback, and it is important to us to hear from you. Please note that by sending us any Feedback, You hereby grant us the rights to ownership, without compensation, of the documentation, along with its content; that does not coincide with Third Party material that violates or infringes any trademarks, copyrights, patents and proprietary rights.



If you have any questions about this site or Terms of Site Usage, please feel free to contact us at

Thank you for stopping by. You are Appreciated!

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