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The Minimalist Collection

Art for sale. Studio Art Prints. Digital Downloads. Abstract Art Tech Accessories. Beki Marquardt. Minimalist Art Print Collection. Handmade Art for Interiors. Home Styling. Home Staging. Geometric Shapes. Continuous Line Artwork. Neutral Tones. Expressive Original Wall Art.

A terracotta dream. Pinks, blues, tans mixed with lines, geometric shapes and hand drawn organic forms. Form takes place when you set your eyes on the edges of what is in front of you. Truly notice the hard edges around what you are looking at. Narrowing the structure down to a minimal shape. There is a sense of beauty in that minimalism.

Line, texture overlay, mixed with a palette of terracotta blends makes up this collection. Inspired by Japanese Minimalism in the study of architecture, interiors and furniture. The goal was to create beauty through minimalism. While creating an explosion of art ideas came into play that had to be put into the world. Japanese minimalism celebrates the negative space -the emptiness -the voids. There is a beauty that develops in the celebration of that pause. When it comes to architecture and interiors it can be characterized as modern.

Abstract minimalism handmade art made available in the form of prints, digital downloads, home décor and fun accessories. Each piece is made to inspire and adapt to a modern setting.

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