Spring Cleaning Tips

It's about that time to start thinking about Spring Cleaning. I don't know about you all, but around this time, my brain likes to make non-stop lists of endless chores and organizing to do. This may sound tedious, however, it's often necessary and the end result is relaxing. Let me uncover a few tips that I've learned along the way.


The first and longest step to having an organized space is to de-clutter. Take some time and really think about the last time you used an item. I completely understand the temptation and resistance of getting rid of that item. Hey, you may use it in the future. Right? Trust me, the artist in side of me screams every time I let go of something. I often like to think about someone else who loves it just as much, but uses it more. It works. In reality, de-cluttering allows you to have an organized space, a spot for each item and the ability to keep your space organized. My personal tip is to have large storage bins on hand. I use one for donating/selling, one for basement storage, and one to pile everything I need to have organized. Once every room is to this step, now's the time to go shopping for organizers. When you get to know everything you want to keep, it helps you decided on what type of organizer you are looking for.

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Do you use your kitchen counter tops as a drop off zone for random possessions? I see this the most often with clients. Hey, we are all human and busy to the say the least. If you don't already have a specific spot for small appliances, think about the ones you use the most. I use a blender almost everyday, this is the only small appliance I keep out on my counter top. In addition, if your kitchen is your mailing center, think about a mailing organizer, or a basket. Do you need a centralized note area? Get creative: cabinet doors, pantry doors, maybe a cute wall hanging. If you want to get real fancy, get organizers for the inside of your cabinetry or storage furniture pieces. This can keep your dishes, entryway, toys, centralized notes...you name it, organized.


You don't have to spend a fortune to have an organized space. Totes, storage bins, dividers and containers can be found to fit all budgets. You can also get creative. Mix and match tins for an eclectic organizing style or upcycle that item you were about to get rid of as a new labeled bin. Even just de-cluttering relieves a cluttered environment. Endless opportunities. Relax and do things at your own pace. Take time to find a practical spot for your items. This will help keep your space organized in the future. Enjoy!

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