Meet the Artist + Designer.

Hey there.

I'm Beki. My work is often inspired by the history of design/architecture/furniture, nature and self expression (and the client when it comes to clientele work). I absolutely love design and art. Pretty sure it flows through my soul at all times, thinking about it nonstop. I appreciate beautiful aesthetics and good design. My mind works by breaking down the elements of what I see into the smallest details. I imagine what the next step would be and visualize it into place. Sometimes I honestly just sit in front of what I am currently working on, get comfy and just stare at it. There has been times where I will leave a piece of work up in my studio and as I walk past I take the time to just finish it in my mind, until the time comes to quick grab the right tools and make a move. My mind tends to not want to slow down. I have a sketch line work style to all my forms of art and an functionality, artistic approach to design. My art style is inspired from the theory we all start with a line. Everything in this world of form is a silhouette. I want to highlight that. I gravitate towards bright hues which represent energy, to me. Every living form has energy in which they leave trails of and share with each other. We are all in this together! :))

Graphic art prints have found me and I am in love with this form of expression. I’m obsessed with architecture, interior design eras, furniture, art history....all things art and design. I can’t control it hahah. Having a lifetime of continuous learning of the history in these fields, plus personal growth, loved ones and all that good stuff. Sounds like a dream come true. Graphic art prints allows me to bring art into play while educating myself more and letting me practice with inspired stylistic pieces brought on by great architects, designers, artists and interior eras.

I am educated in the field of art an interior design. Being an interior designer also allows me to play creatively. Varying styles with creating optimal experiences for the client is just as engaging as art. Another wonderful way to continuously educate myself in the history of design, while being able to share my expertise with the client. Making the most out of your space is extremely important. Psychologically there is a difference when you are in an environment that you like, brought by functionality and good design. We all deserve spaces we love! My work is highly influenced by great designers and architects of the past, while bringing in functionality and form. Rounding it out with interpreting the clients visions, while adding my own personal stamp to bring the space to life.

Outside of my passions, I am a swimming, adventure seeking, Nintendo loving soul. Nintendo, Adobe and Google are wonderful, with Apple following. My family and friends are the best and laughing is my favorite. Taking time to read, meditate, and be in nature is a must. Playing cards/games with awesome people should fall under that must category, too. Movies are a guilty pleasure and the night is the best time of day. I’m a pretty down to earth person, that is always working on growth, trying to reach my best self. I believe we can all win, but that doesn't mean I’m not competitive. Hahah. I’m not going to let you win, that spot has to be earned hahah. See competitive. Lol. I believe we are all just as good as each other and I’m always down to celebrate with you.

I wear glasses because my eyesight sucks. Lol It’s terrible, like this girl and her pop bottle glasses. Hahah. Rockin it! Actually, I love my eyesight and I am proud of it. I can wear glasses and see the details that I’d think most people can. The first thing I notice with glasses is the exact shapes and line work of every form. Then I also get the opportunity to take off my glasses and all of a sudden colors become the finer details. Shapes disappear and this beautiful abstract of hues comes to life. Bad eyesight for the win! Glasses are also aesthetically good looking. Biased? Maybe. Lol

I have a universal approach to spirituality. With in that I believe we are all connected through energy that’s shared though out everything. We should treat each other how we wish to be treated. I like to live by the Gandhi saying “An eye for an eye makes the world go blind.“ I believe in spirit guides, in fact mine are pretty awesome. Yours probably are too. Lol. I think journaling is a great way to look with in and I believe we are all important and make a difference.

I like to rock classical music and opera when I’m creating. Ludovico Einaudi is a top choice. Today’s hits when I’m dancing in the shower. Lynyrd Skynyrd mixed with business podcasts when I’m swimming. James Taylor and Cat Stevens when I’m cleaning and relaxing. They remind me of my favorite memories and always make me feel whole. I tend to put on country when I’m cooking and relaxing outside with loved ones. I pretty much enjoy all music but notice I gravitate towards these genres oddly during certain life moments. Silly things we recognize about ourselves.

That pretty much sums me up in this ramble. I also jump from subject to subject, pretty much a taught habit shared with my close friends. Hahah.

Always open to new opportunities, meeting new people and wishing everyone their best damn life!

Best wishes,


Artist. Designer. Friend.