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LineTheory Collection

Art for sale. Studio Art Prints. Digital Downloads. Abstract Art Tech Accessories. Beki Marquardt. Minimalist Art Print Collection. Handmade Art for Interiors. Home Styling. Home Staging. Geometric Shapes. Continuous Line Artwork. Expressive Original Wall Art. Green Orange Modern Wall Art.

Simplicity and rawness rap up this collection. Timeless abstract handmade art created to capture simplicity.

A continuous contoured line, a repetitive dash or maybe a thin silhouette. Everything starts with a line. Whether you’re writing or creating a masterful shape. The line theory collection was inspired to celebrate the motion of a drawn line.

These pieces were created in mind to withstand time through interior changes. Simple touches relatable to all styles. An appreciation to the beginning steps of written languages, basic shapes, beautiful masterpieces. It all falls down to the line.

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