A Dash of Design Tips for Interiors

Maybe you are inspired to add some personal touches around your home, or you just used our fabulous home decorating tips by Beki Marquardt and need a few more helpful tips to add more luxury to your professionally designed interior. Either way, you came to the right spot. There are helpful tips to follow that will make your life easier when it comes to designing your home.

Firstly, to make your space friendly and comfortable, determine where your high trafficking areas are in your interior.

High traffic spots are paths that are the most used, to get from one spot to another. For instance, the path that is the most used from your front door to your kitchen.

When it comes to these paths, make sure they are clutter free and provide at least 36 inches of clear space to move smoothly through your interior. Smaller trafficking areas, such as between your sofa and your ottoman or coffee table, leave at least 18 inches for comfortable movement space. In addition, making the top of your coffee table a tad lower than your sofa provides easy accessibility for you and your guests.

Lighting does not have to be just for convenience, although important. It can provide a truly different design aspect. Think design through shape, color, and material of the lamp fixture and do not forget about shadowing and illumination. There are multiple things to consider when it comes to lighting. Take into consideration the placement and use of the lamp. Would it be used for general lighting. Lighting that provides illumination for everyday movement. Do you need task lighting? Lighting used for tasking. Maybe you would just like accent lighting; lighting provided mainly to add style and design. Before making your final decision, think about the comforts of your environment in which they will illuminate. With that being said, remember you do not want to over strain yours and/or your guests eyes. While keeping in mind design, I recommend bringing in your personality through lighting. They make great conversational pieces.

Lastly, always add things you love to your space. This will show off your personality, while making it unique and fun. And yes, its definitely okay to mix as many patterns and colors as you feel necessary. When deciding what blends for unity, bring mixtures of similarities in sets of three. Three like colors in the patterns, three like shapes, three like textures, etc. and distribute it around your space. If you love it, then I'm sure its perfect! Whether you’re running a small business or a large magazine publication, add multiple writers to grow your content and keep it fresh and diversified.