Behind the Arts-Behind the Scenes/Textured Floral

Behind the Scenes/Textured Floral is inspired by exactly how it sounds. I left the raw pencil marks and rough edges to give a perspective of a piece before its edited. This shows the raw process of the artist. You can see the mixed media of water color, ink and lead used in this piece, originally done on cold press paper; giving off the appearance of texture. This piece truly goes in depth of the variations of the artistry.

"Behind the Scenes/Textured Floral" Original created 2018, mixed media on cold press paper.

Many times growing up, I was shown beautiful works of art through books, internet and other media. It wasn't until I actually stood in front of a Warhol piece and looked at every detail of the art. The things you couldn't see in the pictures of the piece. The raw pencil lines behind the artistry, the messy edges that showcase the personality of the artist and the stroke lines that represent the signature. There is were lied the story of the piece, the hours of work and dedication, the integrity and thought of the masterpiece. This is were I appreciate art the most. I love to figure out the story behind each piece. You can find me staring at a piece of fine art as close as possible, wobbling around the piece, as if my thick glasses can't do the trick. Art is subjective by appearance and of course that's the cover of the book, but the details are where the passionate story lies and that to me is the undeniably most thrilling part about a piece of art. :))