Behind the Art-Bright Days

Bright Days was influenced by folk art. The thought behind it was to just have fun on a day that was nice out. I was sitting in my studio and just wanted to unleash in the sun. The first layers were melding in the bright colors from the corners of the piece . From there, I doodled an abstract floral design, almost as if you threw some flowers on the floor and drew your interpretation. Lastly, the stippling are added texture to create depth to the original piece.

Original Created 2018

Flat Canvas

Heavy Body Acrylics

Brighter Days-Behind the Art

Brighter days is a colorway of Bright Days done with adobe. I loved the different depths of hues it changed. Reminded me of the seasons changing. I couldn't not offer it in print. :)

Colorway Created 2019

Fine Art Print


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