• Beki Marquardt

Behind the Art - Breakthrough

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Breakthrough actually came up from wanting to try something new. The title is in reference to a breakthrough with my personal limitations. However, the more I looked at it the more I kept thinking about how this piece exudes breaking through its limitations. Bright vs dark, upside vs downside; its a break though in many perspectives.

This process was entirely different than what I normally do. I started by quick sketching and then moved onto painting the floral pieces. I left a small border of grey around each object to frame and thicken the floral perspective. I also love to show vibrations and life in my paintings, here I did this through the blue shades surrounding the flowers. Creating a vibration from each floral piece, as if the flowers were actually laying there flat. It also creates a very lush and velvety impression, especially on fine art prints. I enjoyed branching out, and trying a new style. Look out for more pieces with dark backgrounds coming this year.

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