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Updated: Nov 20, 2018

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I love to gather inspiration from traveling. I use my travel inspiration for all my art and design. Breaking down the process of color, to form, scale and all the design principles. You will see it through out my interior design, illustrations, graphic and abstract work. I believe the creative process starts when you open your mind and look at something new, or even the same thing in a new way. It's about perspective. This is when I giddily shout BRING ON THE ADVENTURE, BABY! Or in this case ALOHA, GIRLS TRIP!?! This trip was inspired by my friend who just so happens to be crushing her goals. Side note, proud of you girl!

Inspirational Breakdown Sample: As I sight see and adventure, I can't help but appreciate inspiration through nature and daily life. Above shows a breakdown of my process.

In the area? Check out these adventures.


Kauai is filled with optimal hiking opportunities for all levels, soft sandy beaches and easy places to do water sports with your family. Feral chickens, face it, even if you don't love chickens you will. They are friendly, beautiful and everywhere. Don't forget about surfing, body boarding, snorkeling, luau's, wet and dry caves, waterfalls and friendly locals. They also have many shopping areas where arts are celebrated, souvenirs decked out in small outdoor malls and fruit stands any where and everywhere you look.

Places to check out in Kauai, Hawaii

Download a hiking app on your smartphone to help with trail maps. There are many things to do on this small island and so many hidden gems. Take the path less known and venture around. Your days will be easily filled with adventures on Kauai. The list below are a few of my favorites.


Ha'ena State Park- Stunning. Waterfalls, beaches, Wet and Dry caves and trails. This can be a hard place to get to if its rained alot but it you can, its a must do.

Wet and Dry Caves- Ha'ena State Park is home to Maniniholo Dry Cave that you can explore through and Wet Cave/Blue Room that hosts water and is a good stop on your way to Ke'e Beach and trails.

Waimea Canyon State Park- Various hiking trails for all experience levels. There are also alot of great look out points you can drive to or hop out of your car and venture out. This is a narrow winding road like most mountains, and the views are worth everything. I recommend staying longer than anticipated to really take in all the views. Waterfalls, mountains and trees for days.

Spouting Horn Park- Site seeing. Large spouts of water bursting from under lava rocks created by the ocean waves pushing underneath the rocks. Its pretty cool. They also have a small flea market that has many souvenirs on your way walking to the site.


Poipu Beach- This was one of my favorite beaches for snorkeling. There is a good walk out area, the waves are lower due to the positioning of the beach and there is a good amount of reef you can swim above and snorkel for days. Time went fast here watching all the fish, sea urchins and sea turtles.

Ke'e Beach- This beach was where the hula dance was said to be originated. The beach wasn't busy when we went but there happen to be some rainy days and it can be harder to get at due to flooded roads. This beach had stunning views of the mountains surrounding, nice trails and a pleasant beach walk of different nature life and large trees.

Shipwreck Beach- Less busy. Enjoy the surf here and watch away. Not a good area for snorkeling but it is a good area to enjoy the waves for surfing, skim boarding and body boards. Great place to relax, it is alot less crowded than other beaches like Poipu Beach.


Kilauea Light House- A great place with stunning views. There is a fee to get into or a free look out point before the gate to see the light house. Its said that this spot has whale sightings.It's also a nice place to learn some history.

Hanalei Pier- They teach surfing for beginners here. Great spot because the waters are calmer. There are also great mountain and water views, and a large pier to fish off of or just sit and relax.

Smith's Garden Luau- A luau is a must when traveling to Hawaii. Smiths Garden Luau was fantastic. They start with a tour of their land, which has beautiful agriculture and history and drop you off to enjoy the show of a traditional pig roast. From their you have an Hawaiian buffet while being entertained by musicians and hula moves. After dinner, you stroll over to the main hula show and it is spectacular. Enough said, you all must go! haha.

Kauai Coffee Company- My friends and I love coffee, so we of course had to come here. Here you can learn about the coffee process and try a large variety of coffees they offer. For free. We like that!


Puka Dog- Ok, I still dream about this Hawaiian styled hot dog. It's a natural baked bun, polish sausage or veggie dog in the center and smothered with your choice of mild to lava garlic lemon secret sauce, Aunty Lilikoi's Hawaiian mustard and your choice of fruit relish. I recommend pineapple. Truly the best hot dog I have ever had, and I've lived in and near Chicago for most of my life.

Street Burger- This burger shop featured quality culinary ingredients and was delicious. Even though they offer 100% Kauai grass fed meat, I rolled with the homemade veggie burger with tomato jam, goat cheese, spinach, pesto and some hand-cut sea salt fries. Mouth watering food and great views of Sleeping Giant on the deck out back.

Little Fish Coffee- This was a pleasant find. It had so many fresh breakfast options along with coffee and great tea. The plantation tea was awesome and get any of the bowls they offer for a great breakfast.

Keoki's Paradise- My friends and I stopped for some huge pineapple alcoholic drinks here and we had some appetizers of hummus, veggies and pitas. It was all bomb! Did you read HUGE PINEAPPLE DRINKS, because they were a-mazing! They were blended alcoholic fruit drinks in a fresh pineapple, so you can also enjoy your drink as a snack.

Koke'es Lodge - There food was super good. They offer a cafe styled foods and drinks, nestled in Waimea Canyon State park. You can hike here or drive, they also have a small Natural History Museum right next door and a small shop of souvenirs inside the lodge. I enjoyed a pb & lilikoi jam sandwich and chips.

Koloa Rum Company- This was a fun pass by for Kauai's history on sugar cane and rum. They offer Koloa Rum tasting room and a small shop. Free for the taste testing but you will have to sign up and wait a small bit.


Poipu Shopping Village- A nice outdoor mall with shops for everyone and close to the beach. This mall had Puka Dog and Keoki's Paradise.

Hanalei- Theres a small village by Hanalei Bay, they offer charming shops and tons of different local restaurants. A nice spot to walk around and enjoy the surroundings.

Kukui'ula- This is a larger outdoor mall. It's pleasant and airy, filled with shops for everyone, and lots of restaurants or snack shops.

You can find a free official travel planner here.

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