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30 Things to Know & Do to Embrace YOUR New Year!

Here we go. What ever your age is, it's always time to level up and challenge yourself. I dare you to accomplish this list within the new year! :)


30 Things to Know & Do to Embrace Your New Year.

  1. Do a random photo session. CELEBRATE! You're freaking awesome!

  2. Life is vibrant & it just keeps evolving. Appreciate everything about you and your world. Now, share that appreciation with someone. Spread some joy. Hey, maybe even to a stranger.

  3. Make more time for the people who make you laugh and forget your stress's.

  4. Let go of the should have's, and things you wished you would have done differently.

  5. Buy & use cloth napkins. Bonus you look fancy AF & it helps the environment.

  6. Take time for yourself and listen. Really figure out what you want & go after it. Start today.

  7. Try being minimal & get rid of a few things, you'll be surprised to what you put value on.

  8. Drink plenty of water. It will help with your all around health/mood and show in your skin.

  9. Get out and try new things around your town. Go to a local jam session, comedy, art show, etc. you name it. Do it.

  10. Host a dinner party. Celebrate, treat the people you love.

  11. Spend money on traveling. It's the best self investment on personal growth and experience.

  12. Keep exercising, start a routine and don't stop. My grandma always said use it or you lose it & she was vibrantly brilliant.

  13. Try out all the farmers markets within a two hour radius from you, over the course of the year. Support your local businesses.

  14. Speak your mind. Don't be rude, instead reach for confident, open minded & empathetic.

  15. Reassess your earnings, pay off your debts and make bold investments. Balance.

  16. Try a new lesson, class or sport that scares you. Continuous learning. Glassblowing, surfing...

  17. Spend time with the people most important to you. Give back to them.

  18. Make time to learn a new language. Now you'll definitely be ready for a full experience in your travels.

  19. Get in your car and drive a couple hours spontaneously. Take advantage of your surroundings and where you are in life now. Place, People, Community, Health.

  20. Plan a group vacation with your favorite people.

  21. Pick up a new hobby. Maybe from that new lesson you just took.

  22. Be inspired by something everyday and spread gratitude.

  23. Stop putting pressure on your self. Be optimistic and put your best intentions out there. Your visions can be realities if you make it important to keep it in the right direction.

  24. Indulge in good food.

  25. Volunteer. Make it a habit, try to set yourself up with an amount in your head for the year and go from there.

  26. Strike up a conversation the next time you are in line. Find good in people, share some compliments.

  27. Start a garden. Even if it's a small herb based one in your apartment.

  28. Stop comparing yourself to others and use that energy on building your best self.

  29. Practice Self-Love. Embrace your self fully. Face it, you are awesome!

  30. Relax, Meditate & breath.

In the lieu of 30, my friends at Coast + Copper held a 30 AF Celebration! Because face it, 30 is just another number & that's simplistically AMAZING! What ever decade you are in, make this the one that is going to be filled with more accomplishments, easy speaking of the mind, and settling into who we are as people! Take the time to look around, breathe, and enjoy every moment. It's easy to get caught up in things that are changing or maybe not changing, remember there is a beauty to evolution and growth. Here's to you! 30, 40 or any number, I can't wait to hear how everyone, including myself, danced the years ahead in our renewed mindset. Rock on and Happy New Year!

Special thanks to all my vibrantly beautiful friends and Coast + Copper for photography, set up and getting down on being creative. The O At Backyard Dream Studios for having a beautiful studio area and Robin's Nest Cakery for dessert.

P.S.- Let's talk about it. I'd love to hear about your findings, DM me or leave a message below.

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