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Hi there. I'm Beki- an artist + designer, business connoisseur, doodler, painter, appreciator of travel and adventure, always grateful and definitely an avid laugher. I take pride in aesthetics, details and the full process of creating. My work is abstract, based off of the expression from my personal journey; Influenced by earth energy, mixed with a dash of design principles. 



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Surface Designer


Floral work always finds its way back to me. In nature, you see flowers sprout and bloom into beauty. While they quietly work during their off months. Flourishing and immersing themselves into the world, while sharing their simplicity with all living creatures. Simply just being. The energy shared may help brighten a day on a walk or offer a source of food with a rest spot to a little bee. The abundance grows with the sharing and giving of all life energies. 

During your day sometime, just stop and look around. Around at everything present. Just being, trying. Notice the colors, the shapes, the movement, the expressions. Indulge yourself to do this often and notice the change overtime. The quiet movements that build to larger movements. The shared energy between everything and everyone around you. Thats what floral work represents to me.